A Kiss In Time by: Alex Flinn

A modern story of the sleeping beauty, this is the plot of A Kiss In Time. Basically it revolves around a guy finding a princess in a kingdom which is hidden from our view and can only be visited by the guy who is destined to wake the sleeping princess due to the curse of a witch who was not invited in the princess baptism. Anyways, what I liked about this book is that it gives us a new perspective of the prince and the princess that they are not these perfect beings with controlled emotions. In this story you would see that the princess is a brat and the prince is somewhat a duche-bag and it’s nice to see that not all royalties are royal in their sense.

It’s not a favorite of mine, because there is something missing in the story, unlike Beastly, there is no flare in the story.


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Date: January 07, 2013

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